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The Biond Financial Team

At the Biond Financial, we help our clients protect, save and grow their financial wealth. Our goal, through our process, is to show each client the whole picture from a macroeconomic standpoint so they can build and protect their wealth while taking control of their economic future.

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Joseph Biondolillo


Joseph Biondolillo is the founder of the Biond Financial (also known as "Biondolillo Financial Group"). 

Joe has a passion for finance, business and helping people plan for success in their life and wealth. Planning is a key focus for Joe and his clients but education plays a vital role in helping families and business owners make smart decision for the right reasons. Joe focuses on education first, then planning. It's a compelling commitment. 

Joe has successfully trained and mentored dozens of industry professionals. A graduate of St. Johns University, his entrepreneurial spirit has allowed him to build and sell multiple businesses. Joe truly enjoys owning his own business, believing he can control his own destiny. Today, he works with his clients to try and achieve the same for themselves.

Joe is an active member in the community, with involvement in multiple charitable organizations. Joe is active in The Seton Foundation School for Autism, a board member for the Emergency Children’s Help Organization and an ambassador with the Staten Island Economic Development Corporation.

Joseph resides in Staten Island, New York with his wife, Nicole, and their 4 children.

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Maria Harris

Director of Operations

Maria Harris is the Director of Operations at BiondFinancial. She manages the client process to ensure efficiency, all while developing strong client relationships. Maria guides our clients through the underwriting and on-boarding process. She provides an uncompromising level of service to all BiondFinancial clients, and advocates on their behalf for their best possible outcome.

Maria has worked with some of the most reputable financial institutions throughout her career. She holds her Life Insurance license. 

Maria has a family of six. She is married to her husband Matthew, and has four children, Michael, Makayla, Havanna and Hayden. Maria graduated from Middlesex County College in 2004 with her Associate Degree in Management Services. 

Please email maria.harris@biondfg.com or call her at 732-852-7020 for any client service needs. 

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